Ways to maintain the luster of home furniture

The most beautiful furniture in the house and the charming interior inside the house, but the passage may find it difficult to maintain the elegance and beauty of furniture inside the house, which changes the color and affect the beauty of its splendor, so we will offer some of the ways that contribute to the preservation of the elegance of furniture Inside your home.
- Ways of taking care of wooden furniture: -
1. First, you should know well that the exposure of furniture to the sun affects mainly on it and especially on its color, so be careful not to expose the furniture to direct sunlight, especially wood furniture .. So to keep it.
2 - Be careful not to place cups or cups directly on the wooden table and the use of protective parts to protect the table from moisture and stains.
3 - It is always recommended to clean the wooden furniture constantly to prevent the accumulation of dust and dust it .. What affects the elegance of the passage of time.
4. Keep away from using water or wiping by cutting off a non-porous or well-drained water, because water causes cracks and cracks in wood over time.
5 - When cleaning wooden furniture should begin first remove the accumulated dust on the pieces of wood furniture with a piece of dry cloth and there are types of fabrics suitable for this purpose.
6- Wood that contains fossils requires a soft brush to remove dust from those places.
7 - It is recommended to use oils to clean the wooden furniture from time to time because it works to prevent the drying of wood leading to cracking.
8 - Here is the ideal mix of home oil to the experts recommended cleaning furniture Put half a cup of oil Sertalktan and add the same amount of turpentine oil with a few points of vinegar and then add one point of liquid cleaning the dishes and then mix well and you can use to polish wood furniture.
9 - You can also use olive oil with lemon juice as a spoon to polish the furniture, but avoid it on the furniture directly, but put it on a cloth and then use it clean.
10 - Flax oil works to prevent cracks and cracks.
11. To hide wood scratches can be used oil fish liver put and leave for 24 hours and then wipe with a cloth.
12. Always use a non-sterile cloth to clean.
13 - Linseed oil and a little alcohol is also used to remove the effects of heat on wood.
Two ways to take care of furniture made of leather:
The leather furniture is luxurious, attractive and charming, but needs special attention to maintain its attractiveness and elegance. We will provide you with simple steps to take care of furniture made with leather, even to lose its elegance and beauty.
1 - the skin secretes some natural oils by itself to protect its surface, because it is composed of natural substances. These natural oils help not to dry fast.
2. Over time, however, leather furniture loses the natural oils it produces, and needs to use special products for skin care, whether moisturizing or protective.
3 - As mentioned earlier on the same wooden furniture for furniture made from the skin not to be exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of heat even to avoid cracking and loss of color.
4 - clean the furniture made of the skin by vacuum cleaner with a brush to remove the fine dust and dust and other residues accumulated with care to access to the corners of furniture and places of concealment, this process is done just once a week or when needed.
5. Then start wiping the furniture with a cloth dampened with a little warm water.
6 - Now put the leather moisturizer, taking into account the use of an invisible piece of furniture made from the skin to experience the extent of contrast and color.
7 - In the case of cleaning the stains of drinks spilled on it, always dry on drying only with a wet cloth, and not wipe until it leads to loss of color and the stability of the spot.
8. Leather experts always recommend using leather cleaning products because they are effective in protecting them and maintaining their luster and attractiveness

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