Technical number of the tenth area

If you are one of the residents of the tenth region in Kuwait we provide you with all the services related to the satellite through a professional team to perform all the professional tasks of:
mobile : 55732155
Multifunction Central Satellite Fixtures.
Central swatch combinations that distribute the signal on more than one television set.
Maintenance of all future systems, and handling all system errors.
Extending the Alastim Alwirat best professional way to demonstrate the skill of workers belonging to our company.
We decode all satellite codes and import all satellite channels and calculate the correct frequencies of the channels on all satellites.
We install the rack to carry the system, and also raise the supports that are loaded on them.
We connect the signal to all places within the customer's facility, and wherever the TV is placed in the home.
We use the global experience in the field of satellites, and follow the latest findings of the modern era in this area, and learn about the new advantages offered by the largest manufacturers of space manufacturing in the world, and import all foreign expertise on this subject.
We are programming all systems for modern developer Balstleight, and we have long experience in this modern field, and learn about the latest news of modern technology in the fields of reception and satellites, and this because we are proficient in the industrial work of modern, which helps the development of modern industries and the advancement of advanced technology systems.
Sometimes it confused many customers when he wants to install satellite its own at home or on the roof of the house, and then it faces a big problem is not to identify the correct correct installation and directing the dish toward the moon to get to know the right track of the moon way, and then problems occur capture the signal, and jamming channels constantly, and the loss of some channels after a period of installation of the dish, the direct effect on the image quality in the channels that are downloaded, weak transmitter in some satellites, making forced the client to contact the technician satellite in Kuwait and tenth region to repair faults Arising from the wrong installation of the moon surface of the home market, and we are here to correct all the mistakes made by the client during the installation of the dish is located above the surface, and we adjust all the wrong paths to the correct paths that the client wants when he wants to install the moon above the surface.
Dear customer :
We have in the Tenth Region best technicians who have long experience in programming the modern Satellite, and follow the latest updates reached by the manufacturers, which ensures jointing true services Receptive for the Internet, and also ensure the efficiency of various engineering connections, and this is because we have the most skilled technicians who have deep experience With the latest developments in this field, especially programming, decoding, satellite installation and central satellite programming, which requires skilled specialists in this field.
Owned company technician all the equipment and tools that help him to optimize access to all channels, which is looking for them to work to find all the closed channels and encrypted, etc., and also opens sports channels through the Internet without the need for which financial subscription pay for the opening of these channels

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