Sell your used mobile phone

Like new phones such as I phone 7S or Samsung's great phone. NOTE 7 Now you want to buy those phones but you already have two or two phones or more and if you buy this new phone what you will do with all these phones, not to mention that the price of these new phones are expensive. Why do not you think about selling your old phones and taking advantage of the financial revenue to buy the phone you want ?! But you have trouble selling your old phones. Do not worry, with badala, selling is much easier than before. There are some tips you should follow if you want to sell your old phone in the future:

Always try to use your phone with caution. If it is signed, it may damage you, so place the protective screen in a protective cover to protect the phone frame from smudging or breaking.

Do not leave the battery in the charger for a long time.

Do not run games and you know that your phone can not play those games, you can make a phone hot and can damage an interior.

Do not create a root property because you can delete some important files from the ready so you will have to make a new copy.

If you want to sell your phone, if you have a situation you can go to a dealer and offer the phone then it can sell but at a little lower price but if you put it on badala you may get a better price but there are some simple tips you should follow:

First, the phone accessories must be with you or try to be present, the most important of which is the original charger for the phone.

Clean your phone well and set factory settings.

Explain the most important features and features in your phone and always focus on the power of the battery if you are good or the accuracy of the camera These are the most important features that most users of phones.

If you think that no one is going to get out of the phone, you are mistaken because some companies buy old phones to get some important parts or someone wants a phone to use only in some cases. The business connection only will not worry the example of a scratch or a simple break in the back of the phone.

Put a price appropriate for your phone and do not exaggerate and do not reduce the price and to reach the best price Study the market by asking more than a dealer about the price of this phone used and slightly increase it because traders always reduce prices to get the highest gain.

In case the phone has been maintained or opened, it would be better to mention it on the site, but I think that selling your phone to a dealer is better because most people are afraid of phones that have been serviced especially if the screen has changed or a problem with the camera . And do not forget to get a small amount of money much better than leaving the phone without using it to become worthless.

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