Looking for a job

Looking for a job
Looking for a job or looking for competencies for the job are both the most important problems we were facing, but with the Internet age I think that problem has ended and the reason for this are classified sites. The idea of ​​classified ads did not appear in the Arab world only in the last decade and was before the search for the job by passing a lot of companies and factories and leave your resume and go and do not know what happens next will the employee to send to the Department or not. This is very difficult because you had no means other than placing an advertisement on the pages of newspapers and magazines. You find thousands of people coming to you but you rarely find the person to look for. So when we talk about classified sites, Has made a wonderful change and it is easy for everyone to find the job he wants. So we'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of classified ads sites in the field of employment.


    Ease of searching for the job you want Most of these sites divide the way to search by qualifications for easy access to ads in your field of specialization.
    Ease of access to jobs in other countries if you are looking for travel.
    These sites help you to know the most important courses or training courses through the published advertisement, which asks for some important certificates that benefit in the field of work.
    The possibility to progress to many functions easily and in record time and need to pass on companies and leave your resume.
    Easy to communicate with your employer by e-mail or phone number Blog with ad.
    You can place ads on the site stating that you are looking for a job and explaining your skills easily.
    If you are an employer and you place an ad you will find that more than 90% of applicants are job-compliant and you can easily choose the most suitable person by conducting interviews.
    If you are an employer, you will find that most of the ads are free. Here, badala offers you the advantage of distinguishing your ad from appearing in the early search pages, in small amounts, helping you get the right person to work faster if you need it.
    If you are an employer, you can have a good database of applicants if you need that job again.


    Severe competition for jobs for many applicants.
    In cases of work in other countries, you may encounter some problems but they are very simple so you should be careful not to leave your job if you are working unless you are fully sure that the job is available.
    Most employers do not set a salary and after interviewing you may not have the right salary.
    If you are an employer and you have placed an ad you may find that a large number of applicants can cause you a problem because many of them are at a good level and suitable for the job.
    If you are a business owner, you may find few people who are applying for the job are not serious, but they may apply for a better salary.

       We put the most important features and the most important defects, but the answer to the question remains. I think it is clear and explicit. Classifieds sites have done a lot of recruitment assistance. Because of this, many have been able to get the job they want. Many companies have also been able to provide high-priced advertising in newspapers and magazines and replace them with free, quick and easy advertising. So if you are looking for a job you can now access badala, browse jobs and apply for the job that suits you. If you are a business owner, you can now place your free ad and get the right qualifications for your business.

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