Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Home Curtains

The house is a special decorative piece no less important than any other decorative piece in the house .. This is the first thing that draws the attention of the person to enter the house where it serves as the front of the house, so care and keep the cleanliness is necessary and necessary to keep the brightness and color and beauty, so we will offer some of the steps Or important tips that in turn contribute to the preservation of the luster and beauty of the curtains.
1. In the beginning, it should be noted that continuous cleaning and care of curtains is considered a type of health care indirectly, due to the absorption of dust, dust and air pollution, as well as the various odors between them. All this is caused by a fertile environment for dementia and insects. To ensure that they are not washed at close times to preserve their sense and color.
2 - to get rid of the daily dust and dust hanging curtains can do this by holding the ends of the curtains and clean it well .. This is a good way to get rid of the amount of dust and to dust the curtains and to prevent the accumulation.
3 - Be careful to clean the windows that are working curtains to cover so as not to hang dust and dust curtains.
4 - It is advised not to smoke inside the room that hangs the curtains, because the curtains absorb odors and smoke rising from cigarettes, which makes its smell foul and affects over time the color and glamor.
5 - With regard to electric vacuum cleaners can be used weekly to clean the curtains through the brush cleaning of the curtains so that you can access the cloth folds that hide the dust and dust accumulated inside.
6 - It is advised not to wash the curtains at close intervals to maintain the color and texture is sufficient twice a year, taking into account the conditions of washing and drying.
7 - Avoid the addition of a type of Candida for colored curtains during the washing not to damage them.
8 - I prefer to resort to specialists in washing curtains to keep them to know the good type or materials of curtains and to do the good process, starting from the principle of "gave bread to the bakery."
9. Steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning curtains.
10 - If you want to clean the curtains by washing in the washer, you should know that cleaning the curtains and washing inside the washing machine depends on the type of raw made curtains

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