Design of home decor and furniture

All of us want to have a distinctive design for the decor of the house in which we live, aspiring to a high-quality decor that combines taste, luxury, simplicity and creativity. However, the lack of experience and knowledge may not be achieved without distinguishing it from one another while decorating and decorating the house. .. Therefore we will provide some of the rules and basics that must be taken into account when you start to choose the decor and furniture home so that we can achieve the dream of getting the desired home.
1. At first, the purpose of using this design must first be determined.
2 - taking into account the material and economic aspect of the person who wants to design work, because it depends on the selection of raw materials and fabrics and accessories used in the implementation.
3 - When designing design and decorating the home, the design student should be taken into consideration when choosing the colors and the preferred materials to facilitate the task.
4 - take into account the gradation and consistency of colors used.
5 - Stay away from the use of a mixture of colors and accessories inside the room .. It also gives a sense of inconsistency and congestion and discomfort, it is better to choose colors consistent gives the rooms elegance and attractiveness and comfort to the eye.
6- It is not necessary to stack the rooms with furniture pieces. However, it is preferable to choose the proportion of furniture that is proportional to the size of the room space to be placed in it, taking into account leaving suitable spaces for freedom of movement in the rooms.
7. Not to confuse or mix more than one design within a room, it is recommended to use a single design model within the room to prevent inconsistencies and conflicts between colors and models.
8 - When coordinating the parts of the accessories and decorations inside the rooms should be observed not to put in places where the width of the fall can be placed in the corners of the room or the like is important to be careful not to be broken or damaged.
9 - lighting .. a very important element in each room of the house and even plays a role in the design of the decor of the room to be placed, so you must choose the appropriate lighting units for the room, which also work on the deployment and distribution of lighting in a sound and equal in the room to do the required role .
10 - When choosing the lighting units .. Must take into account the height of the ceiling is high or low, with no choice of light panels sloping to the low ceiling, it impedes the movement within the custom and it is prone to crash.
11 - It is always advised to move away from the methods of coordination of the typical pieces of furniture inside the room, which may give a sense of rigidity and boredom, but keep in mind that chaos does not affect the room, like non-granular put the pieces of furniture attached to the wall, but to remove some of it gives a sense of vitality and life in the room.
12 - the selection and coordination of wrong frames or tabloid pictures of walls .. Like hanging a large number and exaggerated of those tires on the wall feel like you are inside an exhibition or atelier to view the pictures, but it is better to choose a little and comment on a suitable height also to give him the beauty of the decor of the room without exaggeration.
13 - It is advised not to use short curtains in the rooms and kitchens is a common mistake.
14 - common mistakes also put a large number of pillows on the ground .. Where there is no place to sit, preferably the use of a suitable number and the space of Arikha.
15. It is also recommended not to place a piece of carpet smaller or larger in terms of measurement that fits the room space to be placed.
16 - taking into account the determination of the places of natural ventilation in the rooms and how to exploit the optimum utilization as far as possible in the discharge of smells and vapors well outside the place.
- Basic elements of decoration: -
2 - Al-Hawat and its different parts, whether windows or doors.
3-Bishop and any suspended ceilings.
4 - Accessories and aesthetic touches.

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