Common plumbing failures and how to fix them

Plumbing failures are one of the most important problems that face us in the house, especially that it can make you leave the house if the problem in the obstruction of the drainage pipe, you face great problems. The biggest difficulty is to find a plumber that comes to you immediately and is often busy with another job and you either have to leave your house and this is unlikely or you can fix it yourself. This will require you to be aware of some things but do not worry plumbing failures are easy to know just a few basics and you will then fix it yourself.
There are some common problems that you can easily fix:

Disruption of drainage for sinks (kitchens - bathrooms).

Is one of the most important problems we face all of us because of the wrong behavior we do in the disposal of leftovers of food and drink or hair or soap residues. Therefore, there are some preventive methods, including the use of hot water periodically in the ponds to remove plankton from fat. If the pipe is made of copper or cast iron (old types), try as much as possible to reduce your use of the detergent because it causes corrosion and it is better for you to change it to plastic.

In the event of an occlusion, we will attempt to treat it with normal methods such as hot water or rubber piston. If the problem is not resolved, try to empty the water and then put some of the chemicals sold at sanitary ware stores, which will help in the analysis of the substances causing the blockage. If you have a solid or some of the hair is the cause of the problem, in this case you should remove the drain filter with the drain pipe by unplugging the screw in the filter and slowly remove the drain pipe and start removing the impurities. It is recommended that the end of the pipe should increase the flow of water. At the beginning of the opening leading to the main drainage pipe, place the hose to ensure that any obstructions are removed.

The evaporation box leaks water inside the toilet

This problem may have more than one reason. The first is that the blackjack has a problem or that the buoy has a problem. This is known by raising the buoy to the top. If the leak stops, the problem will be as we said before. Unscrew the screw or gently bend the arm. In case the problem is in the buoy because of a hole or water, you must change it.

Or there is another reason is that the problem is in the skin of the prisoner, which discharges water to the toilet, it is necessary to change the skin by another of the same type.

Blockage of the main drainage pipe.

Of the plumbing failures that occur frequently and is known if there is a blockage of drainage in all the basins of the house there will be a problem in the main drainage pipe. This is in case if some small impurities are stuck if the problem is not solved there is another way is the zippers will push it inside the bowl and move it circular motion if found water I started moving, that means delivery was done.

Blockage of the main drainage pipe for the whole house.

This problem is one of the most difficult problems that can be faced in the house where the exchange of neighbors will come out with you and this means that the drain pipe is blocked at the role you live in. Here you should move from the top of the house and are attached here with iron sheets, which are installed one by one. You can use your drink or contact the water company to send workers to detect, remove, and get rid of the problem.

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