Commercial Real Estate in Kuwait

We pointed out the importance of the real estate market or real estate investment and its stability, security and quick profit compared to other fields of investment, which makes the demand for this type of investment is increasing in many countries, and in light of continuous follow-up of the real estate investment market in some countries of the country We will know today about the best times of selling and buying real estate in Kuwait with a switch.

Kuwait, with an area of ​​14,000 square kilometers, enjoys the fastest growing economic system in addition to the continuous expansion plans in the field of energy, which in turn attracts investors and other projects such as infrastructure, international airport, hotel development and others. The investment sector in general and the real estate sector in particular to contribute to the prosperity and growth of this real estate market inside Kuwait, whether those residential or commercial properties.

Experts believe that the Kuwaiti real estate market is very popular in terms of buying and reselling, which has not existed previously in Kuwait's real estate market. In the current form, investors have become aware and knowledgeable about how to buy and sell real estate, To the laws and regulations in force in Kuwait capable of controlling the market and preserving the rights of investors.

Experts point out that the best times to purchase real estate in Kuwait are in the summer, where the purchasing power of the market is less, meaning less demand for purchase, which helps in the reduction of prices and become an appropriate time to buy, and in terms of the best times of sale will be during the month of December and the period after the holidays and official holidays and seasonal As well as the annual profit, which is generally recognized as a profit that is affected by the timing of the sale or purchase of the property in addition to the property specifications.

Experts also pointed out that buying and reselling of real estate in Kuwait, which is very popular within Kuwait, may reach a profit of about 20% within a short period of two months to two months, which encourages many investors to buy and resale to achieve more Profit, as some see the need to legalize that process so as not to exceed 15% so as not to lead to the end of the high prices of property in an exaggerated and turn to speculation.

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