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There is no doubt that cleanliness is one of the most important things that indicate the slavery and urbanization enjoyed by man, which God distinguished him from other creatures

.call us : 50510708Hygiene varies to include all kinds of sensory and moral hygiene, including:

personal hygiene .
And moral hygiene.
And clean the place.
And clean clothes.
Clean food and drink.
And clean thinking.
As a clean cleaning company in Kuwait, we specialize in comprehensive cleaning, which includes cleaning houses in Kuwait, public and private places, furniture, etc. We provide cleaning services to all our customers everywhere and help improve the relationship between the place where we live and the cleanliness we have By:

Cleaning houses in Kuwait.
Cleaning clothes and upholstery.
Cleaning floors and walls.
Carpet cleaning.
Cleaning the cane.
Cleaning bathrooms and toilets.
Cleaning mosques and places of worship.
Cleaning hospitals and health care homes.
In some cases, the housewife complains about the presence of staining in the walls, in the ceilings, in the floors, or in the curtains, and can not remove these stains from the walls or from the floors, in view of some of the circumstances experienced by the housewife in some cases:

Sometimes the housewife is too old to be able to clean the house on her own because of the progress of the age that hinders her from moving, so she resorts to us as a company to do this professionally and help her to live in a clean and distinct home. The humanitarian duty we offer in our professional work in which we work.
Sometimes you can not be a housewife that you clean the curtains due to its large height, which is not up to him housewife only with great difficulty, and therefore we do to clean up all kinds of different curtains:

And their sizes.
Fabrics made from them.
And the amount of dirt hanging on them.
We remove all dust and dust from the curtains.Important note:The curtains are often heavily stained:

Since it is difficult to access the upper parts of the curtains.
And also due to the size of the large curtains, which hinders the process of washing and put in the ordinary washing machines.
And also in view of the decorations made of curtains, difficult to clean and remove dust from them.
In view of the method of jaw and installation, which are sometimes very difficult to be installed after the decomposition, and therefore the housewife face a big problem in removing the curtains from the wall, and then face a bigger problem is the process of washing the curtains after the removal due to the large size, The size of the fabrics is very wide, which makes drying these curtains difficult because they differ from the rest of the furnishings in the house. As a company we realized all the challenges facing the housewife in washing these curtains, and realized the urgent need for a company to carry These are only B for the housewife, especially if the housewife sick or too old, and then we have established a team to work in cleaning the curtains in Kuwait through fixed and specific steps, and these steps include:

The customer will contact the PR representative of our company to discuss how to contract with the company for the process of cleaning the curtains in the house.
The representative of public relations shall transfer the orders received from the client to the professional department to take appropriate measures.
The team professional move to the house to remove the curtains to do wash them at the company's headquarters through moving cars to the customer's home and are all required actions, and the client incurs effort in this, because of what you are doing our high training for employment of the company on how to deal with the client and how to do the job Without the client being concerned or disturbed.
The curtains are washed in the company with the best types of washing, which ensures that the curtains exit from our company in the same condition new after leaving the factory.
We use in the process of washing powder which ensures global secured back new curtains and free from all spots and dust and dirt in the dust.
We sprayed the curtains of home Palmattrat modern home, which gives a special sense of elegance and refreshed, and fill the house with joy, cleanliness and pleasure.
We have specialized experts in the types of fabrics that make curtains, and specialize in knowing what suits each type of these types in terms of washing, some fabrics do not fit to be washed with water, others are suitable to wash with water, and this helps us to improve the level of cleaning performance of curtains and represents For us, it is an element of safety for the expensive and precious fabrics that the customer appreciates.
We cooperate within the headquarters of the company to get the work out as best possible picture of the necessary workmanship and cleanliness sought by the client.
After the end of the process of cleaning blinds your team the company moves to the customer's home in order to be installed curtains in the same way they were cleaned distinctly, and take it out on the best possible picture.
Dear Customer:You should know that we as a cleaning company among the cleaning companies of Kuwait Curtains offer you the best services you need in the cleaning process you want in your home through:

An employment team with the highest levels of skill, professionalism, experience and professional performance.
And through the best modern and sophisticated washing machines.
The best drying, disinfection, sterilization and so on.
And through a professional team is providing the service to you on the fullest picture.
We have developed a practical program that helps us to achieve all the ambitions of the client who contracts with the company, and we provide the best service

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