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There is no doubt that cleaning the housewife is very difficult and difficult to clean the furniture, especially cleaning the cane. This makes one of us discuss the idea of ​​how to choose the type of canap when designing and processing houses or offices as well as companies and factories
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There are many different types of kennels:

The cane is divided according to the material of the material made of the cane:

    The wood cane: This type is light and more suitable for houses. Where it is easy to move from place to place second.
    It is also light and is more suitable for water-prone places such as kitchens and hospitals because these places need to be cleaned in order to prevent the transfer of infection among customers.
    Iron cast: This type is somewhat heavy and is not usually desirable, but it can be more suitable for the offices of senior officials and engineering offices and this is the lack of the possibility of transfer or modification in the decoration and can be introduced in the manufacture of this type of To reduce its load and reduce the cost of its manufacture.

The cup is divided according to the brushes subject to it:

The covered cupboard and from it:

    The canvas covers are suitable for the home made of wood.
    Covered with wool: This is one of the primitive cane types that can be found in villages and rural areas and places of heritage such as museums and others.
    The dome is covered with velvet and this is the cupboard suitable for modern and sophisticated decoration with attractive shapes, and unfortunately this kind of the most difficult types in cleaning the canap.
    This can be the most suitable for a cup made of Alumantal or iron and this type of the easiest varieties in the cleaning of the Kneb so you find it more in the place of many fast cleaning.

The open kebab is more in a cane made of aluminum or wood.

The types of cane are divided according to the method and place of use.

    The sofa is considered to be one of the original heritage of the ancients. Its remains are connected to the simple peasant old man. It is a simple church without decorations and decorations. However, it is covered with an attractive pattern of wool, which makes it quiet and comfortable for lovers of ancient heritage and researchers of ancient monuments.
    Al-Entreh Sofa: It is one of the types of covered beds where you find the most parts of the sofa covered with cloth or velor. And is always placed to receive guests and officials.
    Saloon: This type is found in the most expensive times bare feet and hands and was famous in the old palaces of kings and princes wealthy.
    This is what was created when the bride was married and has a couch for rest away from the bedrooms or guest reception rooms and more is placed in the lounges or internal rooms independent.
    Office sofa and this is mostly open or covered with leather.

As a company of cleaning and cleaning the sewers and kinks of Kuwait, we clean all these types well cleaned and distinguished by the best powders, and we choose the types of cleaning suitable for all these types

There are many types and types and styles of Kneb in a way that is difficult to digest and collect in simple words, we can not fail to mention the types of municipal and Arab Knaab and the Gulf Canap. All this and other types of modern and old canvases come to mind when mentioning furniture and coincide with that thinking in the way that all these different patterns and different types of cane are cleaned. This gives us a strong impetus to identify the reasons that lead to the clutter and therefore the need to clean the cane.

Factors and causes that lead to clogging Cane:

    Dust: There is no doubt that the soil and plankton, which contains hundreds of bacteria and bacteria are the most important reasons that lead to contamination of the canap especially when the house or office or the place that contains the dome inside the car near the road which in turn helps to spread dust and dust On the windows leading to the inside to settle on the console.
    Children: No one to hide the role played by children in the pollution of the kiln and dirt, where the child is eating on the cane without any awareness or interest and then come with a cup of juice to pour half on the cane and then drink the other half by playing and other movements that children do not work. Mothers and Housewives.
    Spills: It is well-established that spills such as spills of coffee or many drinks and unintended foods cause clogging of the cane.
    Stains: This is one of the most serious causes of clogged beds for the difficulty of removing them. The more dangerous the more difficult it is to clean the cane from the spots. There are many factors that cause spots such as colors that are messed with children or tea or coffee and may lead strawberries and many other types of fruit to dirt stains.

Because of the variety of different types of beds, and the variety of reasons for their pollution, we find that cleaning the canap of things that should be occupied by every human being, housewife or working in a cleaning company or a ceramic employee in the office of each of them occupied by how to clean the canap. You find many of them looking at the search engine Google and various Internet sites about cleaning companies in Kuwait and also looking for the mechanisms and ways to clean the canap to clean it. There are many cleaning companies in Kuwait, and the cleaning company Kneb Kuwait using methods and methods of cleaning the canap and these methods:

    Washing: Be with water, soap or various powders by removing the soiled piece and wash it or wipe it with a small amount of water and soap in the case of jaw difficulty.

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