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Getting a car in those days is a necessity for most of us, as a result of the congestion of the various means of conductors and the effort and time wasted to try to reach anywhere, and some resort to buy a used car because of its low price compared to new, but requires the purchase of a used car more effort compared to buy a new car, We will give you some gold tips that will help you when buying a used car, so you do not fall prey to a monument or greed by a dealer or sellers.
1. At the beginning, you must determine the budget you want to buy a used car.
2- Studying the market prices of used cars.
3 - Prefer to resort to a specialist to detect the car or resort to one of the specialized maintenance centers to detect the general condition of the used car.
- External inspection of used cars: -

We will examine the external structure of the used vehicle during the inspection. Look for the following:

Look for traces of scratches or curvature on the outside body of the used vehicle to see if you have been involved in an accident before.
Check the used car paint to see if it was sprayed before ?! You will find a difference or difference in color with traces on the rubber frame of the doors indicating that it has been sprayed before.
To check the chest, look for it in the unseen places, angles, door threshold, and the frame cavity
Make sure that there are thicker layers of plumbing in the exterior of the vehicle.
It is preferable to inspect the used car every morning under the clear daylight.
- Internal inspection of used car: -

Be sure to look at the used car seat to see if it is in good condition or torn and worn.
Check the brakes, buttons and steering wheel.
He also looked at the roof of the car used to check the ceiling lining properly or torn and damaged.
Also check the command panel and fix it expensive.
To find out the extent of use of the used car, check the rubber pedal and carpet.
To check the suspension of the used car, look at the front of the car. If there is any tendency or deviation of one side, it indicates that the suspension is not in good condition. You can also check it by pressing the hood, monitoring the vehicle's reflux, or lifting the vehicle to a specialist.
Check the status of the spare tire and calf.
Check the mileage meter used by the used car, which of course affects its default age and also the price, and be careful, there are experts in adjusting the meter to reduce the number of kilometers.
- Check the used car engine: -

It is the beating heart of the car, and any bug affects the car as a whole

You need a sensitive ear to hear the sound of the engine, whether it produces unusual or loud sounds.
Check the presence of metal buttons in the oil of the engine on the lid and the supply slot or exit the bubbles of water coolant that indicates the lack of rules to connect the block head of the engine.
Try the car in at least 15 to 20 minutes, turn the steering wheel to the far right and left and listen to the sound if there is a sound issued by this indicates the damage of wheel loading tools and driving in this situation becomes dangerous.

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