Buying a land in Kuwait

Buying a land in Kuwait for construction or investment is not an easy task because it depends on several very important points. If you want to buy a piece of land for the purpose of construction, there are 5 steps you should follow to avoid the difficulties faced by non professionals or specialists in the construction and dealing in the real estate market. Some useful tips in this area:

Topographic characteristics of the site: (good soil that bears the pressure and can be used later for re-filling), (groundwater level, preferably under the foundation level - can be known by visiting nearby sites excavated), (avoid streams).
Taking into consideration the good direction (sun movement, wind directions): In Kuwait, for example, prefer north and north-west direction to counter the prevailing winds and avoid the southern sun during the summer.
Building system in the region: where the building system (heights, construction ratio) should be known.
Services and ease of access to the site: taking into account the availability of services (electricity, water, drainage, telephone) as well as the need to take into account the accessibility of the site.
Consider the conformity of the land specifications of the property (area, dimensions, neighborhoods).
Take care to hire a real estate consultant in dealing with the real estate office to complete the purchase process to avoid exaggeration or monument.
Important tips to ensure trouble-free land purchase:
First: The purchaser shall ascertain the identity of the seller and his description, if he is an agent of the seller or representative of a company, by checking the identity of the seller and describing it and keeping a copy thereof, and verifying the validity of the power of attorney until the date of the contract.
Second: To review the seller's title and verify his authenticity by bringing a recent official copy of it, in addition to a negative certificate of the real estate actions of the plot of land, if the title deed of the seller is famous for the real estate month or the record. If the property is not registered, The seller, until the last published contract, and examine the possibility of registration, and there is a risk in the event of invalid contract of ownership, from another contract, famous until the seller held him.
Third: If the piece of land is part of a larger amount owned by the seller, be sure that the seller received a decision to split or be within the approved division, can be ascertained by asking in the Directorate of Survey and the Office of the month of real estate, The division shall be filed in the Directorate of Survey and the Office of the Real Estate Registration as a certified copy of the decision issued by the approval of the project and its annexes from the competent authority for planning and organization and prohibits the declaration of division before that.
Fourth: Review the current lines of organization and the detailed plan of the area to indicate the allocation of the plot of land, whether residential or not, by asking in the Engineering Department neighborhood or city council of the land.
Fifth: The area of ​​the plot of land should not be less than 70 square meters if it is within the urban extension of the village and not less than 120 square meters if it is in the urban extension of the city. The front of the piece of land overlooking the road or street should not be less than 7 meters in the villages, And the minimum width of the street overlooking the earth is 6 meters inside the villages and not less than 10 meters inside the cities, bearing in mind that the height of the building shall be one and a half times the width of the street, up to a maximum of 36 meters, unless there are special requirements , Rising in the area where the plot of land.Important steps before buying land for construction:
The first point is how to choose the land of the building. The decision to buy land is not easy because you are considering the amount of available land and the price of the land in the area, so you should choose the area you want to build in your city first, As well as its design in terms of entrances and exits and the issue of availability of public services such as sewage, electricity and water.
The second point: knowing the predominant nature of the neighborhood (apartments or villas) and the location of buying land and what is the trend and remember well that the south and east are desirable to many people in terms of climate.
Third point: The size of the house should be taken into account in terms of the number of family members and the number of bedrooms required, in addition to the hospitality requirements ... You should know that determining the size of the house is one of the most important decisions that you make because it is related to money.
Point 4: Choose a good design for your home before starting the construction process and this process is not easy.
Point Five: You choose a good construction company to carry out your designs as you want.
Sixth Blow: You should take good care of plumbing and electricity, which is one of the basics of construction.
Seventh point: Make sure the water and thermal insulation of the house.
Point Eight: You have to pay attention to the choice of interior design, decoration and colors because of the things that indicate the taste and personality of the family and you must choose a good interior designer helps to choose colors and distribution in all rooms of the house

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