buy a used mobile phone

buy a used mobile phone
Do you want to buy a used mobile phone? But you are afraid of the surprises that you may face, especially that the future to buy a commodity does not know how it was used external appearance may not benefit you very much in this as the seller with a good reputation and confidence will be better for you or you can access the site and browse all the phones offered for sale and you can choose the best for you. First, let's discuss the reasons why you might buy a used phone:

You want to buy a phone with good capabilities but its price is expensive.

You want to buy a phone that has stopped producing it, but it is a distinctive phone.

In the case of the first reason, you may find some phones use a week or two, but the price is close to the new if you have the price and buy it immediately is one of the most secure phones. Or you may find a phone used for a while or the end of the guarantee and here we will give you the necessary advice.

The second reason is that you know that this phone is old and the warranty period is over and you know that the phone will not be a wonderful condition except in rare cases and here we will give you the necessary advice.
Top tips for buying a used phone:

Is the phone in warranty or not? If the phone is still in the warranty, you will already be fairly assured that the phone will be in good condition or at least you will know what time the device was used.

The exterior of the device may actually be deceptive for you to buy a phone but it is important if you want a phone that is beautifully free from scratches.

The device battery is one of the most important factors that will determine the price of the device and the most important factors that will determine your decision to buy this device. Especially in the case of devices whose battery is not changed, you must test the battery well and live for a good period if you use the internet service or in the case of games.

Do not buy a phone that may be exposed to water even if it is a Sony phone, especially after Sony has announced that some of its phones may be damaged if exposed to water.

Do not buy a phone and you are sure that the owner was playing it a lot because there are a lot of games affect the processor of the device or graphic or battery.

Beware of buying phones that have been maintenance in one of the important components or if the device was opened to change the screen because it is impossible to be the new screen strongly old screen and if you are Egypt on the phone try to reduce the price as much as possible.

Do not buy phones that have been working ROOT unless you are sure that the owner of the device was a special professional because a lot of the work of that property and it is possible to scan some files from the system and there will be no solution other than loading the operating system of the device again and thus the efficiency of the phone will not Be like the former and this about the experience of many people.

It is always best to try the device for about two hours to know its ability and judgment and the price of the device is very different.

There are some codes that can be sure that the phone is original and not imitated, we will try to make it in a special article to benefit.

In the end, be sure to buy a phone that will use all its capabilities and do not buy a high-priced phone and will not even use some of its high specifications.

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