Advertise on badala website (q8badala)

Internet advertising has become an essential part of the marketing plan of any business or any commodity or service. The use of the internet in all things is now forcing us all to use it as the best tool to spread, market and promote goods and services. Recently, we will let you know the best ways to bring more views to your ad on badala (q8badala) classified ads.

Advertise on badala website (q8badala)

Badala (q8badala) is one of the largest classified sites in the Arab region and the Middle East. Badala (q8badala) is an electronic portal specialized in publishing free classified ads in all Arab countries. This portal was launched in 2017 and advertised on badala (q8badala) ) Has access to the largest segment of individuals looking to sell or purchase their holdings. According to statistics, badala (q8badala) receives more than 5 million monthly visits, more than 34 million readable pages and more than 395,000 ads per month, And the length of stay of the visitor on the site more than 7 minutes.

How to write a special ad on badala (q8badala)

    The title of the shop: The luxury of luxury apartments for sale - Luxury car for sale - Luxury luxury watch for sale, etc., gave an attractive and likable character of the item or service the place of sale To attract the highest clickthrough rate and views.
    Short and accurate content: Write the content of the advertisement description of the product or service description accurately and clearly, and make sure to mention the advantages of the good or service from the best to the good, do not go to details not important to prolong the announcement, the short announcement clearly better than the long declaration, which bored the viewer and leave , Any important details and a break in the buying and selling operations should be mentioned in the announcement.
    Pictures: A friend of speech: The more pictures you have attached, the more attractive the real product or service you sell the better and get more attention and views, but be sure to attach real pictures with good lighting and clear details.
    Easy-to-access contact data: Make easy and accessible contact data, such as setting up mobile numbers that work well and open all the time, or make it easier to send orders via email, email, or any other famous and popular way of region or country of sale or purchase.

Ways to get more views of your ad on badala (q8badala)

    After posting your ad on badala (q8badala), share the link on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others to ensure a wider spread within the circles of knowledge and friends that one of your circles may share, and from this to that spread more.
    When writing an ad on badala (q8badala), make sure to type keywords or keywords in the ad, and make sure to choose strong keywords and the field is primarily in support of the emergence of advertising on the various search engines within the daily search.
    Be sure to write the ad in the main section and sub-section appropriate and correct to facilitate access to your ad and thus bring more views.
    You can post your ad to the forums within your posts, or place your ad link on your forums to expand the reach of your ad link and bring more views.
    You can also send your link ad to your mailing list, to bring more opportunities and more visits to your ad link on badala (q8badala).
    You can create paid Google AdWords ads for your ad link to bring more views, expand the reach of advertising, and bring in better opportunities

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